The Recent Fires

We see fires happening all over the state, but we never think that something like that could happen to us. On September 13th a large fire started in Lake County and destroyed over 1000 structures and affected many people that I know personally. It was devastating to them and it was heart wrenching to see unfold.

I was lucky, I didn’t have a single client who was affected, but it really made me question my abilities and the advice that I give to my clients when they insure their homes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to do a review of a client homeowner policy and they tell me that everything is fine and that we don’t need to go over things. A fire is the wrong time to find out that you don’t have the right type of coverage or worse, that you don’t have enough. People forget to insure certain things like that beautiful art hanging on the walls.

I think from a professional view point, this is the type of situation that should makes us all wonder…….”do I have the right type and amounts of coverage?”

Call your insurance professional immediately and ask these questions. This is your policy, your product, you paid for it……get that review of coverage done and give yourself piece of mind. Why would you ever want to put it off and wait for an actual event to happen to find out what you have or even what you don’t have.

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